Interested in a global identity and the complexity of this situation, Camilla Brendon’s practice looks to capture the nature that man made society originated from. Time, space, flight and movement are all also considered in her process of making and shaping objects and colours. She looks to make work that has sustainability in mind and, at the same time, is aesthetically pleasing. She hopes to realise work that is positive and inclusive. It is with this in mind that she gives free talks and workshops to accompany her practice.

 Intervening public spaces and working with found objects or reused materials, Camilla makes art that is accessible. This accessibility comes via the ease in which the audience can view work; not having to enter a designated gallery space but in the public realm. The work is not costly, but instead is heavily focused on using what is available and exploring creative concepts and aesthetic compositions.

Through her practice, particularly in her installation work, she uses man made, processed materials and seeks to create a connection with nature by using forms that seem to be organic and that are reminiscent of the wild.

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