I dream in Colour.

"I take pattern and forms found in nature. I then re-work them and abstract them to create mixed media installation pieces using man made objects which are often found or repurposed from coastlines and waterways."

Camilla Brendon, b.1985, is a London based artist. Through her practice she explores a lifelong fascination with urban, natural, cultural and emotional environments. She was born in the USA, grew up in the UK and has lived in Japan and Spain. Before beginning her project Coast, in the UK in 2018, she worked extensively in South and North America. These experiences form the basis from which she works.

Coast is an ongoing series which explores coastlines, rivers and canal systems and is currently focused on the British Isles. Through Coast Brendon looks at isolation, rugged nature and manmade environments. The work is currently exploring a nation along with its geography and its choices.

Sustainability, recycling and the reusing of objects has long been part of Brendon’s practice. By working in this way she encourages art making to be accessible. The surfaces and artefacts that she works with have had a previous use or life and by reworking them she gives them a new identity.

Coast examines how the the manmade overburdens the natural, questioning throw-away culture and modern lifestyles. The works are made partly or entirely with found objects and then altered, painted on and shaped to resemble pattern and form taken from nature. Inspired by wild meadow flowers and Iris found on the canal banks in Lime House and mussels clinging to the harbour walls in Galicia, Brendon draws attention to sustainability by using the stunning beauty found in water systems and coast lines.

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