Camilla Brendon is a British Artist, based in London. She has spent the last decade traveling and living in various countries and makes work that is a reaction on her ever changing surroundings.

Coming from a painting background Camilla’s work is made up of a range of mixed media practices, including installation, collage, print and painting. This range of work is brought together by her attention to colour and form. In her practice she pushes the boundaries of what materials can achieve. Her work is composed of landscapes and simple shapes in 2D and 3D which have been taken from nature and re-jigged to become bright and abstracted forms. She creates interesting texture and colour compositions by mixing media. The often temporary and weightless nature of her installations play with the space in which they inhabit challenging how the viewer sees the local environment.

Camilla is interested in using what’s available to her wherever she happens to be. Sustainability and transforming the ordinary or mundane into objects of intrigue is a crucial part of her process. Through her practice she seeks to use art and creativity as tools for change and makes work that is intended to be accessible to all people. 

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