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The first showing of work from Camilla’s project COAST. This ongoing series explores The British Isles, with a focus on its coastline, rivers and canal system. COAST looks at isolation, rugged nature and manmade environments. The works explore a nation along with its geography and its choices.

Camilla has long been interested in the natural and manmade and how they coexist and blend together. COAST examines how this coexistence is increasingly strained as the manmade overburdens the natural, questioning throw-away culture and modern life styles. The works are made partly or entirely with found objects and then altered, painted on and shaped to resemble pattern and form taken from nature. By working in this way Camilla seeks to draw attention to sustainability and the stunning beauty found in Britains’ land and seas.

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Mangrove, Mango.
to May 17

Mangrove, Mango.

Mangrove, Mango. 5th April - 17 May 2018. Wilton Way Cafe, E8 1BG.

Mangrove, Mango is an exhibition of new works by Camilla Brendon. She looks at seascapes, sunsets, plant life, waves, mangroves, natural beauty and ugliness. The work is a visual snap-shot of the rhythms of life that she experienced during a recent trip to the Philippines. The show represents larger changes and journeys made throughout life.

 Mangrove, Mango is symbolic of new starts and uncharted times to come. The series explores the boundaries between 2D, 3D and installation by building texture and pattern on found objects, and making marks on 2D surfaces.

 In this body of mixed media pieces, Camilla takes pattern and repeated forms seen in nature, then re-works and abstracts them onto the surface of objects that she found washed up on various coastlines in the Philippines. By salvaging materials and turning them into visually striking pieces of art, Camilla is bringing the global issue of pollution and how to live more sustainably to the forefront of contemporary art. Working with natural pattern she reminds the audience of the beauty and fragilities in nature, and she hopes to inspire changes to how individuals live.

Private view Thursday 5th April, 18:00 - 21:00.

Show runs 6th April - 17th May.

Mon - Sat 08:00 - 16:30

Sun 09:00 - 16:30. 

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Open Doors - Kindred Studios
to Feb 4

Open Doors - Kindred Studios

Beautiful 'maker' studios for a 175-strong creative community in Queens Park, London- A collective made of an eclectic mix of movers and shakers

This is the first Open Studio Event at the new space in Queens Park. Resident Artists will show work throughout the building and open the doors to their studios so visitors will have a rare change to see the process behind the finished pieces. 

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