I dream in Colour.  

"I take pattern and repeated forms found in nature. I then re-work them and abstract them to create mixed media pieces on man made objects which are often found or repurposed."

Camilla Brendon, b.1985, is a London based artist. Through her practice she explores a lifelong fascination with urban, natural, cultural and emotional environments. She was born in the USA, grew up in the UK and has lived in Japan and Spain. Before returning to live in London in 2015 she worked extensively in South and North America. These experiences form the basis from which she works.

Camilla investigates forms and patterns taken from the aforementioned environments. She observes them and then abstracts and re-works them, often with the addition of text. The vibrant colours found in Andean textiles and the vivid jungle flowers of Bolivia have left a lasting impression in her mind. She now pairs these memories with natural patterns, like clusters of mussels clinging to the harbour wall in Galicia, to form bright paintings with round and shiny clusters of shapes.

The use of colour, form and experimentation with materials are factors that unite Camilla’s various ways of working. Her use of mixed media and colour are true to her painting background. She plays with the boundaries of her materials and and often uses both oil and water based substances in the same works.

Sustainability, recycling and the reusing of objects has long been part of Camilla’s practice. She often works on paper and then progresses to found objects. She seeks surfaces and artefacts that have had a previous use or life and reworks them to give them a new identity.

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