Making a New Website

Much of my work and work that I do as an artist's’ assistant is site-specific. Over the last ten years I’ve developed a confidence working in public spaces and adapting to last minute changes. I know to respect the location and it’s owner if there is one, I have a can-do attitude and always remain aware of time constrictions and my surroundings.  


Some examples of technically similar work that I’ve done are cited below:

Tower Block Installation - Rising Sun

As part of my degree show at Kingston University I fitted coloured film gels using large stencils to the inside of the floor to ceiling windows of a seven storey tower block. Unfortunately the documentation for this work was destroyed. This work gave me valuable experience on how useful it is to work with certain tools when installing onto glass and with plastic and what sort of glue is effective.

This piece also had a time limitation for the install which meant that I had to make and follow an accurate time plan for the day.


Take Spaces and Make Them New - Various Pieces

This series saw my use of recycled plastics and papers cut to resemble natural forms and installed temporarily into public spaces. From this I understand the fragility of carrier bag plastic and how to handle and shape it. I understand how to use glues and alcohols with these materials.